Samurai Business: The Way of the Warrior for Professionals in the Digital Century

Samurai Business: The Way of the Warrior for Professionals in the Digital Century


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Samurai Business is a book about success based on integrity, with lessons from the Samurai for professionals in the digital century. It provides a gentle but powerful way of facing office politics and fierce competition, while staying rooted in who you are. The book is written by Joris Merks. Joris Merks is Research Manager for Google and also European Champion and Open German Champion in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He practiced martial arts for twenty years and holds a black belt in Judo and Aikido. Joris wrote books on both marketing and martial arts. This book “Samurai Business” unites his experience in martial arts and business.
The digital age of transparency imposed changes on businesses, which make the Samurai teachings a valuable resource. Companies relying on power, control or low ethical standards, are losing ground. More than ever, success comes from a purpose beyond earning money. Success must be based on integrity, but how can we cherish integrity while facing fierce competition and office politics?
People often relate business and war to each other, citing the ancient book of Sun Tzu: “The Art of War.” Unfortunately the concept of war is often emphasized, rather than the art. There is a good reason why Sun Tzu did not choose “The Thrill of War” as his title or just “How to Destroy Your Enemies.”
“The Art of War” relates to the ancient Samurai warriors. The path of the Samurai is a quest for self-development that extends beyond fighting. The Samurai became successful in battle through true skill and the ability to withstand the desire for power and victory.
“Samurai Business” inspires professionals to face politics without feeding them. The book helps to focus on self-development to the benefit of your environment, while being rewarded for your efforts. Apply the Samurai principles consistently and you may surprise yourself. Integrity is not naivety and
kindness does not equal weakness. It is time to put the art back in the business and the Samurai back in the professional.



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